supervision charge

Supervision Fees

For all chargeable service requiring outsourcing works, EMO will levy 3.5% of the estimated outsourcing contract costs for block grant funded projects as supervision fees from the user department, whereas for self-financed activities, 10% will be levied. The provision of chargeable services is subject to the availability of manpower resources in EMO.

For the portion of contract sum being funded by either the Committee on Minor Works (COMW) or Committee on Space Allocation (COSA), supervision fees will be covered by University. However, a supervision fee will still be levied on any top-up funding injected by users. For funding from block grant, a discount rate of 3.5% will be charged.

Cancellation of any works requisition that has progressed to tender stage (when tender documents have been drawn up or tenders actually called), a charge of $500, or 1% of estimated outsourcing contract costs, whichever is the higher, will be imposed