Organization Chart

EMO Organization Chart
Building Services Section

Building Services Section provides technical support services to support administrative, teaching and learning functions in the University. Their scope of works includes electrical services, fire services and mechanical services.

Planned and corrective maintenance of fire services / electrical installations / lift and escalators.

Planned and corrective maintenance of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Planned and corrective maintenance of plumbing and drainage plants.

Upgrading and improvement of building services installations.

Emergency Breakdown Repairs.

Energy Conservation.

Operation and Maintenance of Building Management System.

Low voltage electrical installation works such as CCTV.

Refurbishment / Alteration Works.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Section

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Section provides technical support services to support administrative, teaching and learning functions, as well as ceremonial set-up in the University. Their scope of works includes builder works, road / slope works, and outdoor drainage works.

Planned and corrective maintenance of building fabrics, surface channels and underground drainage systems.

Planned and corrective maintenance of roads, road furniture and man-made slopes.

Handling water leakage of building fabrics.

Handling defects in relation to masonry, carpentry, blacksmith and painting works.

Periodic building and window inspections.

Upgrading and improvement of building facilities.

Emergency Breakdown Repairs.

Ceremonial set-up support at major University events functions.

Refurbishment / Alteration Works.

Housekeeping and Building Management Section

The Housekeeping and Building Management Section ( HKBM ) is responsible for maintaining campus hygiene and the operation of designated teaching office buildings.

  • Routine Cleaning Services
  • Communal Building Management
  • Classroom Operation
  • Recyclable Waste Management
  • Pest Control
  • Cleaning services at University Staff Residences
  • Support major events / functions

Routine Cleaning Services

Routine in-house and washroom cleaning are provided at communal areas / offices of University-funded buildings / premises where necessary special disinfection is also provided such as adding diluted bleach solution in flushing system, fogging of disinfectant, etc.

Street cleaning and junk collection from Refuse Collection Points are performed by EMO on a regular basis. Users should deposit junk at respective Refuse Collection Points nearby.

Adhoc / additional cleaning / disposal services are subject to cost recovery.
Communal Building Management

There is no full-time building management staff stationed in individual buildings, our HKBM staff serve users for matters relating to building operations, such as update of activities where applicable , or when there is major breakdown of building facilities in buildings under EMO custody . HKBM also provides emergency support to users and maintenance staff, updates floor directories, and opens/closes the main entrances of designated communal areas.

Classroom Operation

Apart from providing classroom operation services, EMO also shares the responsibility of building management on bookings of classroom outside Registry’s schedule, as well as bookings of designated areas for tea reception. [ Forms for Download ]

Recyclable Waste Management

To support environmental protection, EMO has been constantly working with the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Office. We encourage all to dispose paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles into respective recycling bins located at different strategic locations on campus.

Pest Control

Application of rodenticides is undertaken by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on request. Oiling of sandpits, surface channels and stream course is applied regularly by EMO as preventive measures against mosquitoes. Mosquito treatments are conducted regularly during peak seasons at locations where heavy pedestrian traffics are found. A general pest control treatment using household pesticide will be provided at communal areas of University-funded buildings once a year.

Specialist contractors are hired to treat termites. Users who need the service may call our Frontdesk for assistance.
Landscaping Section

Landscaping Section takes care of the landscaping works on Campus. Their scope of works includes:

  • Coordination of tree health inspections, tree cutting and pruning especially along major roads to enhance public safety;
  • Campus landscape maintenance, including planting of vegetation, grass/shrubs cutting/trimming, etc.;
  • Coordination on seasonal flowers and plant display with suppliers for ceremonial events/functions on users’ requests at cost.