Using Services other than EMO/CDO

Both the Campus Development Office (CDO) and the Estates Management Office (EMO) provide technical support to the Campus. Renovation and Minor works are handled by EMO or CDO.

For purchase of equipment and materials, the Business Section of Bursary arranges regular reference tenders with recommendations announced in its homepage. Users are advised to consult these reference tenders before placing orders.

For acquisition of services for works involving alteration to existing facilities/ installations, EMO / CDO must be informed. When EMO is delegated with the outsourcing projects, contractors in EMO’s List of Authorised Contractors will be invited to tender. EMO recommends the award of tender to the Tender Board for approval. EMO is responsible for updating and reviewing the List of Authorized Contractors regularly based on the firms’ performance, job references, their company organization, BD registration status, safety and quality management capabilities, etc..

However, if budget holders contract directly with suppliers/contractors (not through the coordination of either CDO or EMO), they will be responsible to meet the following requirements:

  • To follow the University Ordering and Tendering Procedures
  • To supervise the works of the contractor, and to solve deficiency of work or dispute with the contractor.
  • To take out additional insurance coverage through the Bursary where necessary. (They should liaise with the Bursary to determine whether their project can be brought within the University’s existing insurance policy.)
  • To implement safety plan in compliance with statutory requirements and Labour Department’s Regulation (in consultation with University Safety Office).
  • To submit drawings and inspection reports e.g. electrical stability inspection WR2 form, FS251 fire inspection report and inspection certificate to relevant Government Departments.
  • To inform EMO of the appointment of the contractors, their qualifications, the program of works and to apply to EMO for the necessary permits e.g. hot work permit.
  • To get approval of all alterations to building layout, with proper submission to Building Department and inform CDO accordingly.
  • To provide record plans of all alterations made, including building services installations, to EMO/CDO for updating.
  • To submit drawing, and inspection reports e.g. WR2 form, FS251 and inspection certificate to relevant Government Departments, and copied to EMO for record.
  • To conduct testing and commissioning to ensure all standards are complied with.
  • To be responsible for all additional repairs and maintenance works/costs so generated by such retrofits afterwards.