Notes on Maintenance Requisition

In addition to those inspections and maintenance works which are statutory required such as WR2 certification, Mandatory Windows Inspections and Mandatory Building Inspections, EMO also performs general inspection periodically to ensure building structure and major building facilities are in proper working condition.

Generally R&M works at communal areas of buildings do not require requisition from users. However, users may wish to remind us and place us a Works Order through our Frontdesk Hotline (Tel.: 3943 6666 or 3943 6667) if users find defects at their premises or communal areas of buildings.

Notes on Maintenance Requisition:

  • Charges will be imposed for works that fall under the category of Non-core Services ;
  • Upgrading of facilities will be supported either by user/occupants’ own fund or through Minor Works vote by application;
  •  Repair of damages to building finishes and building services caused by acts of inadvertence is charged at the nominated term contractors’ prevailing rate;
  • EMO does not take the responsibility of installing, repairing and servicing campus residents’ personal properties, such as air conditioners, washing machines, light fixtures or other household electrical appliances, etc. However, upon request of residents, EMO may help in recommending contractors to carry out the work on behalf of the residents if they have difficulty in locating a contracto